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The Association of Licensed Tourist Guides, Athens-Greece 's excursion (11th- 15th of March) continues..


Day 3

After two days excursion in Thessaly we took off with lots of memories and drove to the North.

The next destination was Veroia. We reached the town through the scenic drive of the Tempi valley and later passing the Mountain of the Gods Olympus (left) and the Aegean sea on our right side.

First stop was the Museum of the Royal Tombs of Aigai. While we were heading there, we had the luck to see the whole plain with the peach trees blossomed. It was such a beautiful and colourful greeting to the area! Like a painting, which triggered our imagination and we had the feeling that we could taste the nectar of the beautiful pink flowers.

Upon arrival in Aigai, which is more known as Vergina, there was standing the new museum. It is impressive in the area and it can be seen from all different spots.

The museum surprised us with its imposing building. Even at the entrance there is shiver even by looking on the big screens the empire that was from Macedonia until India. This world was grafted by the Greek culture with the hundreds cities founded by Alexander the Great, the coins of him and his Successors. The pattern is repeated all the time, as if Alexander never left this world and because of his Successors he gained Immortality!

It's a museum that changes the way of exhibiting the artifact, but the main purpose remains to bring out the greatness of the ancient Macedonians, a kingdom in the periphery that from a small insignificant kingdom ended up to be an Empire. It spread out the Greek world, the Greek language and prepared the area for Christianity.

For this trip our guide was the archaeologist and and curator of the exhibition, Mrs Eva Kontogoulidou. With her interesting narrations, fluency and love she made us understand and travel in the different historical eras of Imathia. (Photos 1-7)

The second part of the day was the visit of tbe town of Veroia, which brought us to a different time. This world is different in the way that is closer to us and our modern way of life.

Our second visit was in the Byzantine Museum of Veroia which is housed in an industrial building of the beginning of the 20th century, the flour mill of Stergios Marcos! It's an excellent way to preserve and reveal the cultural heritage..

The ambience is imposing and the exhibition is thematic and attuned to the historical and religious background of the town, as the archaeologist Maria Polatidou informed us. (Photos 8-12)

For the ones that don't know, Veroia has got 72 in total churches, from which only 48 survive today. The most known are the ones dedicated to St. Patapios and the Resurrection of the Saviour.

During our walking tour we visited though the old Cathedral, a basilica of the 11th century or the era of the Komninos dynasty. It's dedicated to St. Paul and we were able to admire its mosaics and have a glimpse of the glamour of the Byzantine empire. (Photo 13)

It was a full day that created any kind of feelings of euphoria, emotional and fulfilment because of the abundance of the treasures that exist in this country.

We would like to thank once again the people that welcomed us and traveled us in different times and places! We need to thank as well all the colleagues that accompanies us in this trip with their plethora of knowledge and emotions creating unforgettable moments!

And our trip goes on.. stay with us! ➡️✏️📧☎️


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