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Athens-Greece's excursion (11th- 15th March 2023) comes slowly to its end...


Day 4

The last day had many surprises and caused lots of emotions. First of all, the sun that came out and it was shining the whole day it was a really good omen.

We strolled in the narrow streets of the nearby town of Naousa. Naousa is city of 21.000 people in Central Macedonia and its known about its waterfalls or the Park of St. Nikolas for the locals or the people that had visited it.

But its also known about Vetlans Naoussa, the first textile factory of Macedonia during the Ottoman Era. All Greek families had at one point bed sheets or blanket of Vetlants Naoussa! It was founded in 1874 and other factories were created by local businessmen, that took advantage of the kinetic power of its river Arapitsa.

We visited the Center of Industrial Heritage EPIA of Naousa, that was inaugurated in September 2021. During its visit in the permanent exhibition "Threads of History" we walked in an alternative space for a museum. In this factory not only we found out lots of things about this industry, but also we learned lots of things about the people's life that worked hard here and left their mark in every part of the building and the city!

We were led by the colleague and museologist Yorgos Adamidis and the archaeologist- museologist Valia Amiridou. They were more than delighted to welcome us and reveal the thread of the history of this place (pics 1-4)!

After this visit our next destination was the nearby village Giannakochori. There we visited the Kir-Yianni estate, which was founded in 1997. The visit in this impressive ambience and the wine tasting fulfilled all our senses (pics. 5-8)!

When you have got good time, time flies fast and we had to return back to for lunch. Lunchtime was in the picturesque streets of the oldtown of Veroia accompanied by the murmur of the river Tripotamos (pic. 9)

After lunch we visited the synagogue of Veroia, an important landmark of the city. The building is the only surviving evidence of the then thriving Jewish community. Its end came, as for many others in Greece, the first years of 1940's, during the Nazi Occupation... The emotional narration of Evi Meska about the community made us remember that ugly part of the Greek history that's still haunting some or is ignored by some other people...

The day was completed with a walking tour of the city, passing by places of historical importance. Lost in the narrow streets of the Veroia and its history sunset found us preparing us for the farewell day (pics 10-14)..

Many thanks to every person that contributed to this mesmerizing experience! Our soul was full of beautiful emotions and we are grateful for that!


Το ΔΣ του ΣΔΞ ➡️✏️📧☎️


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