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A visit ​​to the Alekos Fasianos Museum

Winter and early spring time is known as the time for the tourist guides to relax, travel and prepare ourselves for the season. Part of the preparation is visiting museums, temporary exhibition and sites that people don't visit very often. Lifelong learning...

That's why The Association of Licensed Tourist Guides, Athens-Greece arranged the visit to the Alekos Fasianos Museum (Neofytou Metaxa 15), that opened its doors in 2023! Alekos Fasianos (13 December 1935 – 16 January 2022) was a renowned Greek painter. He gained recognition for his distinctive style, which was characterized by immediacy and a deliberate departure from standardized painting techniques.

We were welcomed by his wife. With her assistance and the help of Katerina Kostiba and Meropi Bakali we explored and admired many of the works of this great painter from the 1960's and on. 

He was one of the most influential modern Greek painters. After graduating from the Athens School of Fine Arts, he moved to Paris, France, in 1960, to study Paris National School of Arts, where he met several artists and writers. His art has been exhibited in museums and galleries including in Athens, Paris, and throughout Europe, as well as in Tokyo, New York, São Paulo, and Melbourne. 

His works are recognisable by all and they focus on the human, nature and the environment.

We would like to thank all the participants and of course the people of the museum that welcomed us with a big hug and took us from their hand to guide us in a cultural treasure of our country.

Art doesn't belong only to the past. It is stil important and there are lots of treasures to be found and learn about them.

A hidden jem in the heart of Athens that everyone should visit! 

+30 210 881 9079

15 Neofytou Metaxa Str, 10439 Athens

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