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Piraeus, the port of Athens for the past 2500 years and the biggest port in the country. It's 8 km in the Southwest of Athens and has got a population of 163.688, when the whole urban area 448.997. That makes it the fifth largest municipality in Greece and the second largest (after the municipality of Athens) within the Athens urban area.

The Association of Licensed Tourist Guides, Athens -Greece accepted the invitation of the Municipality of Piraeus for the meeting about the city as a tourist destination.

During the seminar we had the chance to visit the Municipal Gallery of Piraeus, where the local authorities warmly welcomed us.

The next destination was the Municipal Theatre of Piraeus. It's one of the masterpieces of Neoclassical architecture of the end of the 19th century and is decorating the centre of the city.

Afterwards we visited the Archaeological Museum of Piraeus. The archaeologist Andromache Kapetanopoulou helped us with her expertise to wander in the glorious past of the city, which starts from the 5th century B.C. because of Themistocles' insight.

Our tour continued in known landmarks of the city, such as Zea Port, Alexandra's sq with the Monument of the Pontiacs (the Greeks who lived in the South Part of the Black Sea) and Mikrolimano.

We would like to thank the Municipality of Piraeus and all the authorities of Destination Piraeus for their initiative to make the city famous and show its historical importance and its role as a geographical, financial and tourist hub.

We should not forget to thank Ms. Adriana Zarakeli, Vice Mayor of extroversion, tourist and European programs, Evangelia Bafouni, Director of Office of Culture, Polymnia Paterou, Director of the Tourist Department and Mr. George Tziachris, Coordinator of the Office of Tourist Extroversion and European programs of the Municipality of Piraeus.

Last but not least, we should thank our colleagues that responded to the invitation and showed that The Association of Licensed Tourist Guides, Athens-Greece is always present to respect, show and promote culture in every single form. ➡️✏️📧☎️


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