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It's a fact, when we visit a museum, we don't really stand and observe or even take a look of the inscriptions. The most of us usually try to see the most known or impressive objects, quickly check out the explanation and take, of course, a picture of the moment.

As a result, the poor inscriptions end up unnoticed, unless there is an "interesting" and catchy content!

Still we can take lots of information about the daily of the people of the past, while reading them, and we realise that we are not that different, as we think!

Such an inscription is on an skyphos (a two-handled deep wine-cup), which is displayed in the Epigraphic Museum, next to the National Archaeological Museum (Athens, Greece). There are written six names of men. The alphabet is the one of Attica and in the genitive case.

We can read:


According to the archaeologist, that excavated it, it talks about a group of men, that are in a tavern and the shared the sane cup, while the were drinking. During the moment's euphoria they had the idea to inscribe their names. Their hands were trembling and that's why the result is not the best. It can happen to everyone...

The most striking is among these men there were some of them that shaped the history of Athens...
Oh yes, we are talking about Pericles, who lived during the Golden Era of Athens.

How can we be sure? Even though the other five names are common in this era, the name Arrifron is rare and we know that it was the name of Pericles' oldest brother, who took it from their grandfather
(Even today the kids are named after their grandparents in Greece).

Like today when we are gathering with our friends and we want to remember the moment that we are having fun and enjoying our time we can take a cup and inscribe our names, or scratch them on a rock, or the trunk of a tree, so we can capture remember the moment .

So modern and so ancient..👌

Think about it next time you have a drink!

Cheers to all of you!!!! 🍷🍷 ➡️✏️📧☎️


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