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The Association of Licensed Tourist Guides, Athens-Greece 's excursion (11-15 March 2023)


Day 2

On the 2nd day we were still in Thessaly, but in Trikala, the capital of prefecture of Trikala. There we had the chance to do a different kind of activity.

We got in the middle of nowhere, in the nature and started following Billy. Who's Billy?

Billy is a sweet hound, whose breed Lagotto Romagnolo is from Italy and can be traced back to the 16th century.

But Billy is not a common hound. He's trained to spot truffle in any different terrain!

With his aid we were able to find truffle and then we got into the second phase of this event, which was to cook the truffles!

Alexandra took over and with a smile shared her experience by answering all our questions, while she was cooking. We ended up to cook as well and this whole procedure had excellent results!

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The pasta made with the truffles was delicious!!! But we'll never reveal it recipe..

After this refreshing experience and the contract we had with nature, we got to the Meteora Museum. There we found out more information about the mushrooms, the birds and the animals that live in the area, whose existence was not known to us!

Because that day was chilly we got warm ourselves with a little bit of wine. That's why Logori Maria welcomed us to Tsililis Distillery and Winery!

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She explained us the history of the company and we got around the premices of the estate. There we had wine and tsipouro tasting. And Thessaly is known for its tsipouro. At the same moment the white, rosé or red whines of this winery were excellent too. Still the surprise was in the end wit a rose of 2021 with the name Aprilis (April)!

We are always amazed with the hospitality of Thessaly and the people's smiles. It's normal to lose track of time and feel sad when you have to leave. But the excursion goes on...

We would like to thank all the people that contributed to these unique and special experience, but also the company that got together and traveled around!

Chears! 🥂 ➡️✏️📧☎️


Πανελλήνια Ομοσπονδία Ξεναγών Παγκόσμια Ομοσπονδίας Ξεναγών (W.F.T.G.A.) Ευρωπαϊκή Ομοσπονδία Ξεναγών (F.E.G.)

The Association represents its highly qualified members who are certified by the Greek State. They cover a wide range of programs that can satisfy any demand in 28 different languages. According to the Greek Law, only Licensed Tourist Guides are permitted to guide you anywhere.

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