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Place of residence: Attica
Languages: English, Japanese, Greek
Telephone: +30 6944347658

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Welcome to my personal web page!

"It made all the difference!" That's the standard feedback competent licensed guides get from their clients. Fair enough, as accredited members in good standing of the Association of Licensed Tourist Guides are qualified to conduct tours in Greece.

I was born and raised in Athens, from where - after I graduated from the National School for Licensed Guides - I have been conducting tours throughout Greece for more than four decades. In parallel, I obtained a BA in English Language and Literature from the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece, and an MA in Advanced Japanese Studies from the University of Sheffield, UK.

My job is to bring to life through narration the spirit of the age that produced the monuments and the art under examination. Along with that, to enliven the modern neighborhoods visited, linking history and myth, customs and traditions, past and present, in a way that makes Greek civilization pertinent to our daily life regardless of our country of birth.

I specialize in VIP and high expectations tours, but I love and appreciate any audience eager to share my knowledge, experience, and passion for Greece.

I am based in Athens, ideal location to start any tour: to the Acropolis Monuments & the Acropolis Museum, the Plaka Old Town highlights and the National Archaeological Museum. For repeaters, I can suggest a wide range of other museums and sites as well. 

From Athens, we have easy access by car to continental destinations such as the Athens Riviera and Cape Sounion, Marathon, Vravron, Sparta & Mystras, the Archaeological Museum of Thebes, the Delphi Oracle, Mycenae & Nafplion, Ancient Corinth, and Ancient Epidaurus.

In addition, by ferry from Piraeus port, we can access the islands of Aegina, Poros and Hydra. By air - if you can’t find a local guide accommodate you - we can access the islands of Santorini, Mykonos & Delos, Rhodes and Crete. 

If you need a private tour and helpful information on dependable travel services, ticket issuing and transportation, we can work together through e-mail and customize your request according to your personal interests, budget, age, physical strength, and time limits.

The cost of the guide fee should not be of any concern. The Association of Greek Licensed Tourist Guides is strongly committed to a reasonable range of rates.

For an unforgettable experience discovering Greece and what makes the Greek spirit truly ecumenical, don't hesitate to write or call me! I will respond within 24 hours – but only to personally addressed emails, please!

Official Guide Identity

Take a journey back in time

You wouldn’t trust an unlicensed
doctor, teacher or driver.
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Πανελλήνια Ομοσπονδία Ξεναγών Παγκόσμια Ομοσπονδίας Ξεναγών (W.F.T.G.A.) Ευρωπαϊκή Ομοσπονδία Ξεναγών (F.E.G.)

The Association represents its highly qualified members who are certified by the Greek State. They cover a wide range of programs that can satisfy any demand in 28 different languages. According to the Greek Law, only Licensed Tourist Guides are permitted to guide you anywhere.