The myrtle plant (myrtus communis)

The myrtle plant (myrtus communis) symbolised beauty, youth and pleasure in antiquity. Its exquisite blooms, evergreen leaves and captivating fragrance is related to the goddess of beauty and love Aphrodite who hid behind a myrtle bush to cover her nudity, when she rose from the sea on the island of Cyprus. 


Misleading advertisements promising tickets that offer “Skip the line” service for the entrance to the Acropolis

Association of Licensed Tourist Guides Athens-Greece concerned for the right awareness of the visitors, national and international, forwards the following announcement of the Ministry of Culture:


The National Garden, an oasis in the heart of Athens

A unique gem of 15.5 hectares in the heart of Athens, the National Gardens provide locals and visitors with shelter, shade and opportunities for recreation and exploration. However, exactly like everything else in Athens, the Gardens have a long history that, exactly like the paths inside, is not at all linear, but rather winding…


Red... The colour of spring in the Greek countryside!

The best way to welcome May is with one of the most characteristic flowers symbols of spring, the poppy!


Municipal Theatre of Piraeus

Piraeus, the port of Athens for the past 2500 years and the biggest port in the country. It's 8 km in the Southwest of Athens and has got a population of 163.688, when the whole urban area 448.997. That makes it the fifth largest municipality in Greece and the second largest (after the municipality of Athens) within the Athens urban area.


4th DAY - The Association of Licensed Tourist Guides

The last day had many surprises and caused lots of emotions. First of all, the sun that came out and it was shining the whole day it was a really good omen.

We strolled in the narrow streets of the nearby town of Naousa. Naousa is city of 21.000 people in Central Macedonia and its known about its waterfalls or the Park of St. Nikolas for the locals or the people that had visited it.



Professional School of Training for People with Disabilities of Athens

Volunteering, as we have mentioned many times, is part of the life of the guides, not only as professionals, but as human beings as well that want to assist in their way the people in need.


3rd DAY - The Association of Licensed Tourist Guides, Athens-Greece 's excursion

After two days excursion in Thessaly we took off with lots of memories and drove to the North.

The next destination was Veroia. We reached the town through the scenic drive of the Tempi valley and later passing the Mountain of the Gods Olympus (left) and the Aegean sea on our right side.



The Association of Licensed Tourist Guides, Athens-Greece 's excursion

The Association of Licensed Tourist Guides, Athens-Greece 's excursion (11-15 March 2023)


Educative annual excursion

As part of the lifelong learning the Association of Licensed tourist guides -Athens organises an educative annual excursion. After three years we made it and it was from the 11th until the 15th of March.

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Πανελλήνια Ομοσπονδία Ξεναγών Παγκόσμια Ομοσπονδίας Ξεναγών (W.F.T.G.A.) Ευρωπαϊκή Ομοσπονδία Ξεναγών (F.E.G.)

The Association represents its highly qualified members who are certified by the Greek State. They cover a wide range of programs that can satisfy any demand in 28 different languages. According to the Greek Law, only Licensed Tourist Guides are permitted to guide you anywhere.